RMS Titanic 98th Anniversary

April, 15th 1912

Ida Straus died on RMS Titanic on April, 15th 1912 with her beloved husband Isidor Straus. Ida had the opportunity to be saved but refused to leave her husband's side. This loving couple perished together. Ida's body was never found. She frequently appears in my work and the sea plays a vital role with her appearances.
I first discovered that Ida Straus was one of my Spirit guides in 2005 and she has maintained a strong influence in my work, life and thoughts. I feel strongly connected to this wonderful lady and dedicate this painting to her.

....Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it…..
The Bible, Solomon's Song




This video is dedicated to all the people who perished on RMS Titanic on April, 15th 1912

Below are a collection of paintings dedicated to some of some of the passengers that died that night.



Isidor Straus perished on RMS Titanic on April, 15th 1912. He died accompanied by his loving wife Ida Straus. Ida's body was never found.

Isidor Straus was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, NY

This painting is dedicated to his memory.


......Long among them was seen a maiden who waited and wandered,
Lowly and meek in Spirit, and patiently suffering all things….....

Words by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This painting is dedicated to Mrs Sara Elizabeth Chapman, who died on The Titanic. She had recently married John Chapman and the couple were sailing to America to start a new life. Lizzie as she was affectionately known was offered a life boat but refused to leave her husband. Her body was never found.


William Thomas Stead has been someone whom I have admired from a young age.  In 1892, Stead believed he discovered his ability to receive communications in automatic writing. This was the beginning of his psychic activities. Stead claimed proof of survival in the form of a message received through his hands, from Julia Ames. Ames was a journalist acquaintance and editor of The Woman's Union Signal of Chicago, who had died shortly before. On March 14, 1893, in an address to members of the London Spiritualist Alliance, Stead made his first public confession of faith, narrating the details of his discoveries and early psychic experiences.

Stead often wrote about the sinking of an ocean liner the horrors and expressed great concern over the shortage of life boats on ships. Twenty six years later Stead died in such a tragedy. I know that he was a man before his time and take great comfort in knowing that he encourages me in my work. I dedicate this painting to him; a wise man, who will be remembered by like minded people, for a very long time. He died on April, 15th 1912 while travelling on The Titanic and his body was never found.