When he had brought his lecture to an end,
the lofty scholar looked into my face,
searching to see if I seemed satisfied;

And I, already thirsting for more drink,
kept silent, wondering: "Could he, perhaps,
be tired of all this questioning of mine?"

But that true father, sensing my desire,
which was too timid to express itself,
spoke first, and thus encouraged me to speak.

I said: "Master, the light you shed has made
my sight so keen that now I clearly see
all that your words mean or what they imply.

So I beseech you, father, kind and dear,
define love for me, please, which is, you say
the source of every virtue, every vice."

"Now focus your mind's eye on what I say,"
he said, "and you will clearly understand
the error of the blind who lead the blind.

The Soul at birth, created quick to love,
will move toward anything that pleases it,
as soon as pleasure causes it to move.

Words by Dante

Acrylics, ink, graphite, pigment and gold leaf on paper