This New Ephemeral Painting Collection I dedicate to Matsuo Basho, 1644 – 1694 who was a poet and Master of Haiku. No.I

Haiku, a traditional form of Japanese poetry, is a short verse of 17 syllables in three metrical sections (lines) of 5-7-5 syllables. A compact yet profound and evocative form, haiku gives an objective, suggestive, pithy and fleeting picture of its subject. What is said is important but what is unsaid may be more important. The poet may talk of nature but what he is conveying may be some deep feeling, an intuition or a concrete experience of life. Haiku is more concerned with human emotion or with experience than with human acts, and nature is used to reflect or suggest that emotion.

From time to time
The clouds give rest
To the moon beholders….

Haiku by Matsuo Basho